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Quality Control

Quality Control is Our Priority for all Precision Machining Projects

Prairie Machining, Inc. is a machine shop committed to an operating philosophy that exceeds our customer’s expectations for quality parts, cost, on-time delivery and value. Our customer’s needs always comes first and represent the number one priority within our business. Prairie Machining will proactively identify and define each customer’s wants and needs while maintaining to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements.  Maintenance and calibration protocols are an integral part of our maintenance program for all precision machining equipment.

No part goes out the door without our stamp of approval.  Our number one goal is to keep our customers happy – our many long term customers validates that claim!


  • Optical Comparator
  • Surface Plate, Trimos Digital Height Gage
  • Gage Pins, Gage Blocks, Thread gages, Thread Ring gages
  • Indicating Micrometers 0-3”
  • Blade Micrometers 0-3’’
  • Hole Micrometers .750- 4.0”
  • 0-7” Micrometers
  • 0-60” Calipers
  • Starrett AVR 300 Vision System